More Chapters of "Mad Tom Spring" are online

Find Mad Tom Spring free online at Wattpad

Elizabeth's second novel is published!

We've got the first paperback copies of Mad Tom Spring: Those People and we hope you'll get a copy. If you don't want paperback, you can download the e-book on Kindle, and you can even read it on Wattpad for free!

"Maurice Diggersby, the handyman at Mad Tom Farm, isn't one to run from perilous ground, but when  a guest shows up with a gun, and a genuine Tiffany lamp mysteriously appears in the midst of preparations for the annual Spring Meadowlark, he finds himself in need of more than his usual measure of practicality and wit to get to the bottom of things. 

While the eccentric Bertram family struggles to get everything done, several troubling secrets converge around a barrage of unruly guests and a lawn crew that no one seems to have hired. Six-year-old Charlie and the renters' little girl know more than they're telling and complications multiply when they conspire to save the new maid from jail. Throw in a missing bride, a situation with ants, and a moral…

Our new Stop-Motion web page

We just published a new page on our website with some fun info about our past stop-motion projects here.
Photo above: we're working on a brand new piece and we can't wait to release it this fall!

Mad Tom Winter audiobook!

We're excited to make Elizabeth's novel Mad Tom Winter: Gray Man, read by the author, available as a free audiobook! 
Visit this page to either stream or download the audio files. To stream the files on iOS or Android device, just click each chapter link and it will open a new window which will play the audio file. You can also save the audio file to your device by clicking the share icon, then choose to save it to your device (such as iTunes or dropbox).

Animation and NYC Pooch

NYC Pooch: an Interview with Dan Shemetoff

We've been working with Dan Shemetoff at NYC Pooch for over a year now and we love the creative give and take of that relationship. As a businessman Dan “lives life with art” from a different angle, integrating artists and handmade art into his company in a way that's natural and mutually beneficial – he has a creative sensibility that's extremely unique. 
Recently, I had a conversation with Dan about all of this: 
Tell me about NYC Pooch-
NYC POOCH is a specialized dog walking company - we offer exercise, training, and grooming services designed especially for New Yorkers. We have all the bells and whistles you might find at a large agency, like a mobile app for our clients and GPS tracking for our walkers, but our company has a more personalized “mom and pop” feel and a more extensive hiring and training process for our walkers. Our team is full of passionate, fun, and creative people that not only love animals, but have a true bond…

read Mad Tom Winter online - 5th chapter is live now!

The fifth chapter of Mad Tom Winter: Gray Man is now available at, linked here. We hope you enjoy it!