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Tintin and the Adventure of the Influenced Artist

Thundering Typhoons: an exclamation of dismay. 
When I was a child one of my favorite things was HergĂ©’s Tintin series; I read these graphic novels over and over again till the books were falling apart. Tintin is a young reporter who has swashbuckling adventures, visits mysterious tombs and secret places, outwits bad guys, and ends up in chase scenes through exotic city markets all over the world. The first one I read was called Tintin in Tibet. By the time I was twelve I had read almost all of them. When I went off to art school and then became an artist, I forgot about Tintin, but ten years later I had kids of my own and I pulled them out again. The boys never got tired of hearing me read Tintin in funny accents and voicesand it wasn’t unusual to hear one of them holler “Thundering typhoons” as they raced around outside on adventures. Now I’m thinking about Tintin not as great reading, but as great art.
The illustrations are striking. There’s a particular palette of colors I associate…
We're excited to announce that the new website is live, featuring illustrations by Flying Farmhouse! Here's a short video about the process Elizabeth used to 
make the cut paper illustrations.

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