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See our new "Interiors" series of cut paper assemblages

Flying Farmhouse has created six new cut paper assemblage sculptures in a series called "Interior Threads". 

This piece entitled "Open Door" is 8¼"x8¼"x2½" deep in the handmade shadow box frame. You can see them all at

Interior Threads is a series of Cut Paper assemblages which combines a narrow palette of pastel-toned paper, muted watercolors, and single strands of thread. I've been thinking about the different kinds of rooms we retreat to in our heads and the way our interior landscapes connect or separate us from the physical world around us; this series is a piece of that thinking. These are quiet pieces with a question in them, one that has a different answer for everyone. All the pieces are delivered in a handmade shadowbox frame. Dimensions are for framed artworks. All are 2 ½" deep.

Passageway8¼ x 8¼"
Open Door8¼ x 8¼”
Hinges8¼ x 8¼”
Bannister6¼ x 8”
Upstairs8 x 6¼”
Windowpanes 7¼” x 5¼”

Cut paper assemblages are up now!

Elizabeth's cut paper assemblages are live on Etsy! Each is unique. Framed in a homemade shadow box under glass. Visit our page here to see more: