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Paperback Writer!

Elizabeth's book is now a paperback! Wondrous and slightly terrifying: anybody can self-publish a book on Amazon not only for Kindle readers, but in paperback. We've plowed ahead and published Elizabeth's book and you can buy a paperback copy here!

You can buy the Kindle ebook version here.

And you can read the wattpad version here.

Elizabeth's novel is available online! For free!

Elizabeth has worked for several years on a series of novels based on a fiction place called Mad Tom Farm. There are four novels, each set in a different season of the year. The first is Mad Tom Winter: Gray Man, and we are releasing it in serial from on
We love how some writers such as Charles Dickens and more recently Alexander McCall Smith have released their books serially in a weekly newspaper. 
It seems today's newspapers are screens, so we're excited to use to release this novel. You can read the book on your computer at the website, or download their free app on your phone or tablet. We'll release the chapters for free over the coming weeks, and we'll have the full book available for purchase for Kindles etc very soon.
Not sure if they notify you when a new chapter is posted, but we plan to post on Saturdays.
Go here: Mad Tom Winter: Gray Man #wattpad 
Here's a map of the fictional story that Alde…

Cut Paper Assemblages on Etsy

Our link wasn't working on a previous post. So let's try now. You can see all of these cool wall sculptures here:
Flying Farmhouse Etsy Shop